Cemetery Department


Cemetery Sexton: Chris Cravens

The Township Cemetery is managed by the Sexton and is governed by its own board of trustees.

The Cemetery Board of Trustees:

John Heider                                        Jim Cavanaugh

The board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 am in the township office at 205 N. State.

By-Laws of Monticello Township Cemetery

To view the By-Laws of Monticello Township Cemetery click here 

Township Cemeteries

The cemetery maintenance department hours vary due to weather conditions and work load. If you need assistance after hours you may reach the sexton at 1-217-202-6195.
The Monticello Township cemetery is responsible for the maintenance of the following cemeteries:
  • Haneline- located on Allerton Rd, this was a private family cemetery and is 1 acre in size.
  • The old Monticello City cemetery - located east of the city swimming pool.
  • Monticello Township cemeteries which is now 2 cemeteries with 37 acres at 916 E. 1730 N. and 17 acres at 1720 N. State Street.
Decorating rules and regulations:
  • Decorations are not allowed on the ground from March 1 to November 30 except on the following holidays
  • Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Veteran's Day.  Decorations are allowed on the ground on these days and for 14 days following. After 14 days the decorations will be removed by the cemetery.
  • Weekend burials are only permitted if the sexton is notified by 11:00 a.m. Friday.
  • Sunday burials are only permitted if the cemetery portion of the service begins no later than 1:00 p.m. to allow for all workers to be out of the cemetery before dark.
  • Plantings are not allowed and will be removed by the cemetery upon discovery.
  • Existing plantings from earlier years may be removed as they become unhealthy or grow too large for the area they are in.
  • Solar night lites may not be placed into the ground and must be mounted on the monument or its foundation.
  • All dogs must be kept on a leash and pet waste must be collected.


Burial Lot - $500 (in Township) plus current recording fee / $1000 (Out of Township) plus current recording fee

Opening / closing of grave - $625 (In Township) / $1250 (Out of Township)

Cremation opening / closing - $200 (In Township - 10" or less) / $300 (In Township - greater than 10") / $400 (Out of Township - 10" or less)  / $600 (Out of Township - greater than 10")

Columbarium space - $500 (In Township) plus current recording fee / $1000 (Out of Township) plus current recording fee. There is room for 2 interments in each space. Family is responsible for cost of engraving names and dates on the door to their columbarium space and must use Adams Memorials in Charleston at 1-800-252-6547.

Columbarium opening / closing - $100 (In Township) / $200 (Out of Township)
Recording fee - Each sale will be charged the current recording fee set by the State



With the city cemetery (east of swimming pool today) filling up, the Monticello cemetery association was formed on July 2, 1873.This association agreed to purchase 20 acres at $50 per acre from W.E. Lodge which is on the far east side of the current cemetery.

As the cemetery became more popular, the association purchased another 6 acres for $60 per acre from Mr. Lodge in 1887. The next purchase was of 2 1/2 acres and the last was for 8 acres known as the Gifford property owned by the Lodge family and is on the west side of the cemetery where the maintenance building is now located. $100 was paid per acre for this piece of land bringing the total acreage to 36.5 acres. Mr. J.W. Coleman was the first superintendant (caretaker). He cleared the land of trees and brush, planted grass, and did all nessasary maintenance for the first 37 years of the cemetery existence.

His idea was to make the cemetery as park like as possible (which would explain the random burials and winding roads) unlike the parallel rows now commonly seen in most cemeteries (to allow for modern maintenace equipment as well as allow for getting the most lots into a given section).

The original Township Cemetery described above is located at 916 E. 1730 N. between Illinois 105 and Valentine park and between camp creek and 916 E.

The next land purchase didn't come until 1999 when 17 acres was purchased from John Dighton and is located directly south of the main cemetery with its entrance at 1720 N. State. 5 acres have been developed for burials while the other 12 acres are being farmed until needed.

A columbarium was erected in this cemetery to give the public an option for burial and to save space for the cemetery.  This above ground columbarium is for cremated remains and will hold 96 burials and only takes up the space of 2 traditional burial lots.

Cemetery Pictures

Cleaning up flood debris spring of 2009
Nest of baby Robins raised in flower arrangement in the cemetery 2008
This is the sign at the new cemetery on State Street
Rules and Regulation sign found throughout the cemeteries
Main entrance to original Township cemetery
Flood waters from spring of 2009
Flood waters from winter of 2008-09
Rick Eades, long time employee of the cemetery
Columbarium in new cemetery on State Street
Damage to the main entrance caused by a vehicle that slid on icy roads. 2008
Groundskeeper Jamie Browning
Mausoleum of John and Mary Kirby who in 1939 willed their entire estate including farmland to the Kirby hospital which was first housed in the Kirby mansion.
Soldier circle was a project of the Eagle Scout
Mausoleum of Harry Combes, Illinois basketball head coach from 1947 - 1967, posting 316 wins which was a Illinois record at the time of his retirement.
Mausoleum of Medal of Honor Recipient Private First Class Marine Robert C. Burke.
Groundskeeper Travis Peake
Chris Cravens Cemetery Sexton (Manager)

Board & Offices

Monticello Township Office
205 North State Street
Monticello, IL 61856
(217) 762-2215
Monticello Township 
Cemetery Sexton Office
916 E. 1730 N.
Monticello, Il 61856
Monticello Township Highway Department
832 Old Rt 47  P.O. Box 557
Monticello, IL. 61856
(217) 762-7524
Monticello Township Assessor Office
427 W. Marion Street
Monticello, IL. 61856
(217) 762-2818

Board of Trustees

Michael Wileaver
Ronald Meece
Delbert Lubbers
Richard Howland


Supervisor - Tamara Wilson
Highway Commissioner - Charlie Montgomery
Assessor - LaDonna Kaiser
Township Clerk -
Kathy Brown
Cemetery Sexton - Chris Cravens